Sorry For Being Ridiculous

Sorry you have to stay up... Here! Have some thought provoking questions that my friends & I have been giving each other! 1. If your life was a TV show, what type of show would it be? (she chose New Girl) & would you know that you were in a TV show or would you be oblivious? (Like in The Truman Show). 2. If you met someone & thought you'd marry them, but they planned on marrying someone else, would use the power to get them to marry you, or let them go & marry the other person? Hope it helps!! from mellobello

You are seriously always the sweetest thing ever, thank you so much.

Oooh the TV one is hard! I’d want to say something bad ass, but I think I’d go with something like Friends, where they act like they spend so much time doing everything right in their life but really they just sit around chatting, wasting time, and having general shenanigans. Plus the array of characters are really all so representative of different parts of myself.

The second part is even harder! I think I’d want to be oblivious in a way, otherwise I’d spend to much time shaping who I was for the sake of appearance. I’d rather be embarrassing and be real than be proper and not be who I really am.

For the second question, as heartbreaking as it would be I’d have to let them go. I’ve never been the type of person to force someone to be with me, friends or otherwise, if I sense that you want to be elsewhere then I want you to go. 

Thanks again <3

you're rambling from Anonymous

I knoooow. I’m exhausted and I have to stay up for at least four more hours to tend to a sick doggy, so rambling entertains myself. 

In other news, I’m selling another round of my clothing on ebay and if you think I passed on the chance to write ‘as worn by Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation in Season 5, Episode 1’ on a dress I’m selling you are wroooong.

I do not enjoy adjusting to new dosages and/or new medications. So sleepy and out of it. I want so badly to do things but I’m so bleh. Especially when this medication is supposed to keep me from feeling this way in the first way.


Thanks to all of you wonderful writers, A Prompt A Day has reached 1000 followers! To celebrate, it’s time for a giveaway!


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I think that’s everything! Thank you all, and good luck!

I have to remember that sarcasm just does not translate through the internet the way I’d like it to. Or in real life either, to be honest.